Service-Learning Corps

Service-Learning Corps: President's Recognition for Engaged Learning and Leadership, Designation in Service Learning

The Recognition in Service-Learning is designed to help students “live” the college’s mission statement through a sequence of progressively more complex and challenging community projects.  Those projects help students identify, clarify, and practice civic values.  Any student, regardless of major, may apply for the program.

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What is Service-Learning?

The SUNY Institutional Research and Information System defines service-learning as “a credit-bearing teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience and strengthen communities.” 


The President’s Recognition for Engaged Learning and Leadership, Designation in Service-Learning will be administered by the Institute for Civic Engagement’s Office of Service-Learning. The Office of Service-Learning will work with an advisory committee and a group of faculty mentors to recruit qualified students for participation in the program and to provide participating students with support and guidance for completing the program.

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Students will complete a series of increasingly-responsible service-learning experiences under the guidance of the coordinator of the Office of Service-Learning or an assigned faculty adviser. These experiences can include:

  • mentoring
  • tutoring
  • care-giving (senior citizens)
  • data-collection
  • needs analysis
  • environmental education 
  • social action
  • political activities (whether connected to a political party or not)

There are three requirements:

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit-hours of service-learning courses
  2. Each student must complete at least one hundred twenty hours of co-curricular service distributed over at least four semesters
  3. During their first academic year in the Recognition Program, students must participate in at least four service-related orientations, trainings, and events, as designated by the coordinator of the Office of Service-Learning. At least one of these events will focus on multi-cultural and cross-cultural understanding and diversity.

Documentation Required for the Designation in Service-Learning

Students will submit a portfolio which must include:

  • a list of the service courses taken
  • service-learning log for each course or other evidence of coursework-related service completion
  • agency supervisor reviews
  • copies of student reflections


Application for the Service-Learning recognition is by self-nomination. Students who are interested in participating need to apply to the Office of Service-Learning. Contact John Suarez, Director, Institute for Civic Engagement, at  or at 753-4391.

Students selected for participation will either select or be assigned a faculty mentor to assist them in completing the process. 

Student applicants recommended for  recognition by the Office of Service-Learning  will have their names forwarded to the President’s Leadership Coalition for Applied Learning, and the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs for final approval and subsequent processing by the Registrar.

Students not recommended for the designation will be provided with a review of their portfolio to suggest ways that the portfolio can be improved.


Those students who have successfully achieved the designation in Service-Learning will have the Service- Learning designation added to their official college transcript and be recognized for earning the President’s Recognition for Engaged Learning and Leadership at the annual Leadership in Civic Engagement Awards and Scholarships event held in April of each year.