Scheduling Space and Parking - SUNY Cortland

Scheduling Space and Parking

Community Space is available for reservation at Main Street SUNY Cortland Smart ClassroomMain Street SUNY Cortland. We offer two “smart classrooms” with on-campus telephone access and internet access, each fitting 30-50 people. The gallery space downstairs also can be used for meetings and receptions and has Internet access with an HDTV display for presentations. Tables and chairs are provided for each space. All spaces are free and scheduled on a first-come basis.

To schedule events, simply call 607-753-4270 and speak with the receptionist. Be sure to schedule time before and after events for set up and clean up. If your event takes place outside of business hours, make plans to sign out a set of keys the day before. Business hours are 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please, call again the day of your event to confirm your reservation and go over guidelines and restrictions.

The services of Main Street SUNY Cortland DO NOT include printing and copying for those who reserve space.

Parking is available on Main Street for two free hours. Or, in the lot along Main Street accessed from Groton Ave., for three hours. With a permit purchased at 9 Main St., you can park for three hours+ in the lots along Main Street accessed from Central Ave. or Groton Ave. The monthly fee for parking permits is $20; permits purchased for 6 months or more cost $15 per month. View the parking map of downtown.