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Emergency Absences

SUNY Cortland does not have a campus-wide class attendance policy. It is the obligation of the instructor to outline course success expectations that can include attendance guidelines and absence limits.

Students are responsible for notifying their instructors of class absences. Unfortunately, however, there are occasions when a student must leave campus or not return from home for a period of time because of a family or personal emergency. In those cases, the associate dean of the student's academic major must be notified either directly, through the student's residence hall director, or through the Student Affairs Office (607)753-4721.

It is still advisable for the student to contact his/her instructors at the first appropriate opportunity because of the work that will be missed. Further questions should be directed to the student's associate dean.

School of Arts and Sciences
Jerome O'Callaghan, Associate Dean
Sue Teeter, Secretary
(607) 753-4314

School of Education
Nancy Aumann, Interim Associate Dean
Gen Herrling, Secretary
(607) 753-5431

School of Professional Studies
Eileen Gravani, Associate Dean
Teresa Ripley, Secretary
(607) 753-2702