Should you decide to drop or withdraw from a Winter Session course, certain steps must be followed to submit your request. The timing of when you drop or withdraw will impact your tuition liability and the potential for a refund.

A comprehensive list of drop and withdrawal dates for both Winter Session terms is included below. As you review the list of dates, please note the following:

  • To drop a course, complete the Change of Schedule Petition form. Instructions for submission are outlined on the form.
  • To withdraw from a course, complete the Withdrawal from Course form. Instructions for submission are also outlined on this form.
  • Tuition liability and refunds are based upon the date that your drop or withdrawal request is processed in the Student Registration and Record Services Office, not the date that the form was mailed or signed.
  • For more information on tuition liability and refunds, including fees, visit the Student Accounts website.
  • The College Fee is not refundable once the term begins.
  • The Program Service Charge is not refundable after the 100% refund period ends.

Winter Session 2020

Term/Date Percentage of refund
Winter Session I (December 17 - January 17) 
December 17 - December 23 (drop) 100% (tuition and fees)
December 24 - December 30 (withdrawal) 25%  (tuition ONLY)
December 31 - January 6 (withdrawal) 0% (no withdrawals after January 6)
Winter Session II (January 3 - January 16)  
January 3 - January 6 (drop) 100% (tuition and fees)
January 7 - January 9 (withdrawal) 20% (no withdrawals or refunds after January 9) (tuition ONLY)

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