Metered Parking

Image of a parking meter

SUNY Cortland offers timed and metered parking for visitors and members of the campus community. Please take advantage of the timed and metered areas when making short visits to your residence hall or campus offices. One quarter will give you 15 minutes of parking time.


  • Casey Tower Parking Lot 2 spaces (metered)
  • Smith Tower Parking Lot 2 spaces (metered)
  • Brockway Hall Parking Lot 2 spaces (metered)
  • Neubig Hall Parking Lot 10 spaces. (metered)
  • Miller Parking Lot 3 spaces (metered)
  • VanHoesen Parking Lot 4 spaces (metered)

All metered parking is enforced 24 hours a day seven days a week.