For appointments or information:

Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-26
Phone: 607-753-4811
Fax: 607-753-2486

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Emergency Information

Health Services Student

Emergency medical care is available at Cortland Regional Medical Center (CRMC), a short distance from campus. The emergency room is staffed by physicians 24 hours a day. In addition, there are two convenient care centers available for treatment of less urgent medical problems when the Student Health Service is not open. These are Prompt Care at CRMC and Cortland Convenient Care located on Route 281. The student is responsible for charges incurred at off-campus medical facilities.

The college's Emergency Medical Squad and University Police are available for on-site stabilization until an ambulance arrives.

Emergency Phone Numbers

 TLC Ambulance  607-756-7564
 CRMC Emergency Room  607-756-3740
 CRMC Evening Care  607-756-3278
 Cortland Convenient Care  607-756-7200
 Student Health Services  607-753-4811
 University Police  607-753-2111  
 Counseling  607-753-4728
 Emergency Squad  607-753-4111/4112