Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday Series, Fall 2017

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August 30

Getting To Know You

*6 p.m., Corey Union Exhibition Lounge*

Lauren Herman, Health Educator; Eve Mascoli, Assistant Director of Recreational Sports; Kevin Makarewicz, Graduate Assistant of Recreational Sports

New to campus? Been here for a while? Join us to meet people and play some fun games.

September 6

13 Reasons Why Not

*6 p.m., Corey Union Exhibition Lounge*

Counseling and Student Development Staff

Whether or not you have seen the Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why, join us as we discuss warning signs of suicide, how to help a friend, and more.

September 13

Dark Chocolate Meditation

*6 p.m., Corey Union Exhibition Lounge*

Andrea Hart, ASC Nutritionist

Nutrition and stress can be related. Learn about meditating with food, foods to help destress and mindful eating. Come find out why we are eating dark chocolate!

September 20

Life Doesn’t Come with a Sober Sister (Brother, Designated Driver)

*7 p.m., Corey Union Function Room*

Lorin Phillips, National Speaker

As convenient as it might be to make someone else responsible for your safety, we all know that eventually, we have to make responsible decisions for ourselves, or we risk facing some significant unintended consequences. Having a responsible friend is one strategy, but it’s not often enough. In this program, Lorin will talk about how we can all encourage greater personal responsibility so that we can ALL enjoy the social environment on our campus safely and securely. If you’ve ever seen things get out of hand, or if you’ve ever been the friend trying to keep a lid on things, you will appreciate this program that encourages everyone to take responsibility for themselves – instead of putting all the responsibility on others.

September 27

Becoming Superhuman: Using Your Advantages For Good

*6 p.m., Corey Union Exhibition Lounge*

AnnaMaria Cirrincione, Director of Multicultural Life and Diversity; Lauren Herman, Health Educator

As people we have multiple identities that grant us all different privileges and obstacles in life. Join us in learning how we can leverage our privilege to help promote social justice initiatives for a more equitable society.

October 4

When Love Hurts: Why Do We Stay and What Can You Do?

*6p.m., Corey Union Exhibition Lounge*                                 

Dr. Noralyn Masselink, Professor in the English Department

Relationships--like the "little girl with the curl"--can be very, very good.  But what happens when the rest of the rhyme also applies? 

Relationship abuse comes in many forms, and "breaking up" or "getting out" isn't as easy as others may think.  If you are in a relationship that you know is not what it should be OR you know of someone who is, come listen to a survivor speak about what it takes to break the "ties that bind" and what you can do to help yourself or a friend.

October 11

I Didn’t Realize I Was ______Phobic

*7 p.m., Corey Union Exhibition Lounge*

Panel of Students, Faculty and Staff

Panel members will talk about their experiences in realizing they had internalized stereotypes of LGBTQIAP.

October 18

Rx Prescribed for You

*Noon – 3 p.m., SLC Lobby*

Health Promotion Interns; CACTC

Misusing a prescription can have more consequences than people think. Come learn about the laws and physical effects of prescription misuse. Also, learn where anyone can dispose of un-used medications.

October 25

Discover Your Learning Preference

*6 p.m., Corey Union Exhibition Lounge*

ASAP Staff

Find your learning preference with the ASAP staff. Participants will take a quick online assessment and break into groups to develop techniques about taking in information.

November 1

Netflix and Chill or Catch Feelings?

*6 p.m., Corey Union Exhibition Lounge*

Counseling and Student Development Staff

Is it “bad” to catch feelings? We will deconstruct what hooking up and dating means and learn how to communicate when two people have different expectations.

November 8

Party Smart With Us Before Cortaca

*Noon – 3 p.m., SLC Lobby*

Health Promotion Interns and Substance Abuse Prevention and Education

Know your responsibilities and rights around alcohol, drugs and sex. Learn how to party smart before, during and after Cortaca. Free giveaways will be provided!

November 15

Great American SmokeOut

*Noon -3 p.m., Student Life Center*

Health Promotion Interns; Andrea Hart, ASC Nutritionist

Haven’t quit yet? Know someone else who needs support? Take this opportunity to quit for the day or help someone you know quit.


Free and Open to the Public ~ If you need any accommodations to fully participate in these events, contact Health Promotion at 607-753-2066.

Contact the Health Promotion Office

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Health Educator

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