Test Administration Services

It is the responsibility of SUNY Cortland instructors to provide your test accommodations. However, there are times when an instructor will be unable to meet your needs. If after discussion with an instructor, he or she is unable to provide accommodations, you may need to sign up to take your exam at Test Administration Services (TAS). In order to receive testing through TAS, you must do the following:

  1. Bring a copy of your accommodations letter to your instructor and determine if s/he is able to provide your testing accommodations.
  2. If your instructor is unable to provide testing accommodations, get a Test Request Form (PDF). You may download and print one (PDF) or pick one up at TAS.
  3. Fill it out along with your instructor, noting the dates and times that you plan on taking your exams this semester. Your instructor must sign it to authorize you taking the exam at TAS at those specific dates and times.
  4. Bring the original signed copy to TAS at least 5 working days before you expect to take the exam. If you bring the form in closer to the time of the exam, we may not be able to administer it at TAS.
  5. Show up for your exam on time!!! Remember to stop in your normal classroom first if you will be picking up your own copy of the test.

Contact:   tas@cortland.edu

Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman, Coordinator of Assistive Technology and Test Administration Services

B-204 Memorial Library