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It is the responsibility of faculty to provide test accommodations at SUNY Cortland. That said, there are many times when faculty are unable to provide a necessary test accommodation. In these cases, students may schedule exams with Test Administration Services (TAS). These are the steps students should take if they wish to use their test accommodations. Please note that TAS is only available to students who have registered with Disability Resources.

1)        Talk to your instructor. Give her your accommodations letter and have a conversation about the best place for you to take your exams. Please note that tests at TAS must begin no earlier than 8 a.m. and must finish by 4 p.m. Exams scheduled in late afternoon and evening classes outside of these times may be scheduled at TAS during regular business hours.

2)       If you are taking exams with your instructor, you’re done! Congratulations! Remember that TAS is available for test accommodations for you in the future if your instructor’s accommodations are not working out. In such cases, it is important to have a conversation with your instructor about this first.

3)       If you and your instructor decide you should take your exams with TAS, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule the exam in our online system. Here's how to use the system (.DOC). If you prefer a video tutorial, you may watch a summary of the systemhow to submit a request to take an exam with TAS, and how to view all of your requests. If you are unable to use the online scheduling system, you may print a form or pick one up at TAS. If using a paper form, you must bring it to your instructor for a signature and back to TAS in the time frame mentioned below.
4)      If you wish to be certain you can take your exam at TAS, schedule the exam at least 5 business days in advance. If you request to take an exam with fewer days’ notice, it is possible that TAS may be unavailable. Once it is 24 hours before your exam time (or 72 hours before a Monday exam), you may not use the online scheduling system.
5)       You may schedule all of your exams at the beginning of the semester to ensure you have given enough notice. If an exam date or time is later changed, please cancel the request in the system and make a new request.
6)      To finalize your request, your instructor must approve it in the system. If you have not made your request at least 5 business days in advance, TAS will have to approve it as well. You will receive email notification when your requests have been approved. If your exam date is nearing and you still have not received approval, please contact your instructor and/or TAS.
7)       Finally, be sure to show up at TAS for your exam on time!

Contact:   tas@cortland.edu

Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman, Coordinator, Assistive Technology and Test Administration Services
Kelly Hunneyman, Graduate Assistant, Disability Resources
Frank Gravano, Graduate Assistant, Disability Resources

B-204 Memorial Library