Learning Disabilities

Support Services for Students with Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities cover a diverse group of conditions that cause significant difficulties in perception, either auditory, visual and/or spatial. Since the type of learning disability varies greatly from individual to individual, a written evaluation from a qualified professional must be submitted in order to establish the need for services and the kind of modifications that are indicated.

Although we do NOT have a specific program for students with learning disabilities, the resources mentioned below have benefited those individuals who have an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and require periodic support.

About our Resources

Overall, our resources can best benefit an individual who does not require ongoing, in depth support, but may need academic guidance and tutorial help with specific courses. A full evaluation with recommendations must be forwarded to this Office to receive any academic modifications.

  • Once a student with a learning disability is admitted to the College and voluntarily identifies him/herself to our office, the following will be required: Written documentation from a qualified professional confirming the student's disability including test results, interpretation and recommendations for academic/personal support. For more information regarding documentation guidelines, please contact us.
  • The student must contact our office at the beginning of each semester so that advanced notification and planning can be made on a timely basis.

Support Services Available

Once our office has been contacted, we may provide the following support services depending on documented need:

  • Notification to professors confirming a disability and any special accommodations needed
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Permission to record class lectures
  • Assistance in contacting resources, such as ACESS-VR and other community agencies, regarding benefits, services or funding needs

Plan Ahead. Make Sure You...

Contact us if you will be needing accommodations. Be sure you forward or bring a copy of your full evaluation which documents your disability. This should include all tests administered and the results and recommendations from a qualified professional. Plan as early as possible. Many of these support services require lead time.

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