Hearing Impairments

Support Services for Students with Hearing Impairments

Hearing impairments represent the greatest chronic physical disability in the United States. Depending on the nature and degree of hearing loss, we offer a variety of support services, once a student voluntarily identifies him/herself to the office and requests support services.

Depending on what needs are documented to the office, specific services such as the following are arranged between the Coordinator and student, and provided by College or community resources:

  • Early registration
  • Modifications of classroom examination material
  • Emergency evacuation plans  
  • Notification to instructors regarding special needs
  • TDD 607-753-2066 (through Student Disability Services)
  • Personal and educational counseling
  • Liaison with community agency support services and resources
  • Note taking assistance
  • Reserved front seating for lip-reading needs
  • Coordination of sign interpreter services with local agency resources