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Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities

General Support Services

Our goal is to assist all students with disabilities in the pursuit of their educational objectives; although concerns of a personal/medical nature are the primary responsibility of the student. We assist in coordinating campus and local community resources when requested. The purpose of these services is not to create a competitive advantage for students with disabilities but to eliminate any competitive disadvantages that may exist. Services are coordinated to enable students to act as independently as possible in a supportive environment that promotes self-reliance.

General Support Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Individual, personal and educational counseling
  • Liaison with local, state and federal support agencies
  • Pre-admission counseling
  • Classroom accommodations
  • Loan of selected equipment
  • Priority clearance of pathways during winter months
  • Emergency evacuation planning
  • Coordination of New York State Reader's Aid Funds
  • Academic Support and Achievement Program

Plan Ahead. Make Sure You...

Contact us if you will be needing accommodations. Be sure you forward or bring a copy of your full evaluation which documents your disability. This should include all tests administered and the results and recommendations from a qualified professional. Plan as early as possible. Many of these support services require lead time.

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