Program Overview


SUNY Cortland is committed to upholding and maintaining all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved in l990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of l973. We are dedicated to ensuring reasonable access to our campus programs and facilities, and continuously seek to augment and improve our services. Student Disability Services has been designated as the office that coordinates services for students with documented disabilities who voluntarily identify themselves to the Office.

Direct Service

  • Determines eligibility for services based upon documentation of a disability.
  • Maintains confidential student records.
  • Provides information to students regarding their legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Review of disability documentation and development of a needs assessment.
  • Consults with students about appropriate accommodations based on documentation.
  • Coordinates auxiliary aides and services.
  • Provides personal and educational counseling.
  • Assists students in self-monitoring the effectiveness of accommodations.
  • Serves as an advocate for students with faculty, administrators, and/or other departmental staff.

Education and Outreach

  • Responds to inquiries from prospective students or their families.
  • Communicates information regarding program activities and services to students.
  • Conducts outreach activities for high school students.
  • Consults with administrators and faculty regarding the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Provides training for faculty regarding accommodations and auxiliary aides.
  • Provides training for institutional administration regarding awareness of disabilities.


  • Liaison with other relevant state, local, or community resources.
  • Collaborates with Facilities and Physical Plant to ensure access to campus facilities.
  • Gathers information related to adaptive technology and collaborates with Academic Computing to ensure accessibility.
  • Serves on campus committees to develop policies/procedures regarding students with disabilities.
  • Serves on state and regional councils including SUNY Disability Services Council and The Central New York Post-Secondary Disability Consortium.

Ute Gomez, Coordinator
Diana McGee, Secretary
Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-1
Fax 607-753-5495
Monday -Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman, Coordinator of Assistive Technology and Test Administration Services
Maddie Ulinksi, Graduate Assistant
Mandy Sacca, Graduate Assistant
Memorial Library, Room B-204