Exception Approvals

Degree Works Exception Submissions and Approvals

Degree Works course exception processing has moved to an online process.  Due to the need to receive approvals from multiple offices, the process uses an online workflow.  Please review the instructions below to learn how to submit and approve online exceptions using the workflow.

NOTE: The online Degree Works exception process was rolled out in a shortened timeline due to the COVID-19 remote working requirements.  We will continue to refine and develop the tool.  Please do not hesitate to contact the office with suggestions, feedback or error reports.

Submitting a Degree Works Exception

Academic advisors, department chairs and associate deans are able to submit Degree Works exceptions on the web using an authenticated form. To submit an exception, you can click here or use the link in the Registrar/SRRS channel in myRedDragon. You must be authenticated to use the form.  The form will record your name and department, and routes the form appropriately based on the information entered.

Approving a Degree Works Exception (Chairs, Deans)

Department chairs and associate deans will receive an email after an advisor submits an exception. Department administrative staff will also be copied on the requests. Approvers will click the link within the email to launch the approval screens, which are part of the Course Creator. You can also access your dashboard directly here. you must have Course Creator permissions to access the tools.

  1. When you enter the screen, you will be routed to the approval dashboard. All pending items will be shown in the pane of the left side.

    Degree Works Approval Screen Shot :  Left Pane

    If you support multiple departments, you can select a different department using the drop down selector on the top. You can also view completed requests by selected the "Yes" option in the "Completed" drop down selector. Items that have been reviewed and responded to, will be listed in a normal black font color, and indicate that they have been reviewed. Those that have not been reviewed will be blue, and indicate that they are new submissions.

  2. Click on a request to activate the exception approval pane on the right of the screen. Unlike a paper form, the online submission form lets advisors submit multiple exception requests for a single student. As an approver, you will be able to approve or decline each individually by scrolling through the list in this pane.


    The following fields are available for you to review:

    Block: Indicates which block on the audit is being affected.

    Course/Requirement to Affect: Indicates which requirement or specific course is being affected by the substitution or exception. (This is the existing/standard requirement.)

    New Course or Substitution: Indicates which course, courses or other means of fulfillment will be used to complete the course/requirement. (This is the new, substitution course.)

    Exception Details or Notes: The advisor may have included additional text, clarifications or reasons for the change in this field.

  3. A comment field is also provided to enter notes or comments for the next approver or for the advisor (if the request is declined).


  4. Select the [Approve] or [Do Not Approve] buttons to indicate your decision. After you select, the status will be updated. The status indicator is located on the top of the exception, below the title (e.g. "Exception 1"). Once you approve, the exception is routed to the next approver for review and action. If it is not approved, it is returned to the advisor.


Additional Options

  • You can launch Degree Works by clicking on the small audit icon on the top of the approval pane.


  • Review all of the existing Degree Works Petitions - including approved and processed petitions - by selecting "Yes" in the "Completed" drop down selector.


  • Coming Soon: Reports will be available for departments, advisors and the deans from within the application.