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Residence Hall Staffing Patterns

Each residence hall is under the direction of a residence hall director (RHD). The RHD is responsible for the administration of the building. 

Resident assistants (RA), supervised by the RHD, assist with administration of the building, including programming, community building, assisting with mediation of roommate conflicts, facility concerns, and student conduct referrals. There are three-nine RAs, depending in the size of the hall.

An administrative assistant (AA), supervised by the RHD is responsible for mail delivery, updating bulletin boards, organizing the staff office, and various other administrative duties.

An academic peer mentor (APM), supervised by the RHD is available in all low-rise residence halls. APMs aid students with issues related to curricula, academic policies, study skills and career planning. Though a member of the residence hall staff, the APM also receives training and support from other offices on campus.

Custodial staff is available from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. five days a week are responsible for the general upkeep and appearance of the building. Our students know that they are not expected to clean up major messes and they do not clean individual rooms.