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Tripling Information

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About Your Room

Each room has:living in triple

  • One set of bunked beds
  • One single bed
  • Two closets
  • Two desks
  • Two desk chairs
  • Three dressers

Tripling Rules

  • If you have the top bunk, you will have your own closet and will share a desk.
  • If you have the bottom bunk, you will have your own desk and will share a closet.
  • If you have the single bed, you will share a desk and closet.

If you arrive earlier than your roommates, please contact them to discuss the rules and determine which bed you will have.

If you would like a third desk and chair, you can ask your RHD to place a work order for them after everyone has arrived and unpacked.

As a team, you and your new roommates may decide to change the rules, but it must be done with the agreement of the three tripled students. If there are any questions regarding the tripling rules, please contact your resident assistant (RA) or the residence hall director (RHD) of your building.

Questions About Tripling

Why me?

The date your admissions deposit is received, and the specific housing preferences you requested are the determining factors for tripling.

How long will it last?

The housing staff has been de-tripling, and will continue to do so, until all triples have been offered the chance to de-triple. 

Last semester, of the 56 rooms offered the chance to de-triple, only 20 rooms chose this option. The remainder (the majority) stayed tripled!

Where will I be moved to?

We will make every effort to keep students in the same residence hall they are living in, but we will inform tripled students of openings in other buildings also.

How do I pack lightly?

Don’t bring everything for the entire year opening day; wait and see what space is available (i.e. have someone come visit to bring your winter clothes in October.) Contact your roommates to discuss who is bringing what for items that can be shared (refrigerator, carpet, TV, stereo).

Who chooses who moves out of the room once we can de-triple?

Students will work with their residence hall director (RHD) to make this decision together.  If the students cannot decide, the RHD will. Students who decline the de-triple space will not receive the triple room rebate from that date on.

If two of the roommates requested each other on their housing forms, the third person in the room will be the person designated to move. However, they are not required to move.

Do I get a triple room rebate?

Students in a triple receive a 25% triple room rebate of the room charge for the number of days they are tripled.  The triple room rebate is issued after the students have been de-tripled.

Is there a roommate agreement form?

Students in a triple will be expected to complete a roommate agreement form. Be prepared to discuss topics like guests, TV, studying, music, and sharing.

 “Living in a triple as a freshman made my year 3 times as fun!!!”
 Nicole Lipscomb

Helpful Hint

Discuss who will bring the following

“Being in a triple has been a great experience!!!” - Kellyanne Russ

  • Refrigerator (2 allowed in triples)
  • Carpet
  • Television
  • Stereo
  • Computer
  • Iron
  • What date/time you plan to arrive

Computer Information

There are 3 internet outlets provided in each tripled room.