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New Student Housing Assignments


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Once a new student is accepted to SUNY Cortland, they receive notice to pay their $200 admissions deposit. Students will then receive a housing information postcard from Residence Life and Housing. For the fall semester, this mailing is sent the last week of April. For the spring semester, this mailing is sent the previous December.

The housing postcard provides instructions as to how to go online to myRedDragon to complete and submit the new student Housing Preference Form. Students who do not complete this online form will not get housed.

The new student Housing Preference Form asks general questions regarding living preferences such as cleanliness, noise level, and guests and music preferences in order to match students on these characteristics. In addition, students can let us know if there are any special-interest housing options they are interested in, such as 24-hour quiet floors, transfer floors, wellness floors and Over 21 buildings at West Campus Apartments. West Campus Apartments also has a co-ed apartment option.  Students are also asked if they are willing to pay the extra charge to live in either a designed single room, or in Glass Tower Hall.

All new students are assigned to housing based on an automated computerized process that takes their preferences into account as it matches students. Housing assignments are based upon a combination of the date of receipt of the admissions deposit, student housing preferences, as well as housing availability.

Visit the Cortland Living link to see the various types of housing available to new students.

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Your hall assignment and roommate information will be available on myRedDragon on August 1.