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Housing Options

RHA Block Part

SUNY Cortland offers a variety of on-campus living options. From quiet floors to wellness floors, from corridor style to suite-style and apartment-style living, we are committed to providing housing options that match your lifestyle. As a resident, you will have the opportunity to get involved in your residence hall by joining Residence Hall Association (RHA) or National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH).

Living on campus has many benefits:

  • Convenience. Classes and dining facilities are within walking distance. There are also numerous activities and events going on within the residence halls and on campus.
  • Services. Our residence halls are staffed with a residence hall director, resident assistants, administrative assistants, and academic peer mentors, trained to support you and assist you. There is also staff available 24/7 to respond to emergency maintenance concerns.
  • Safety and security. Our residence halls are secure and have a 24/7 card access system so only residents who reside in the residence hall can gain entry. There are also cameras that monitor the entrances. The campus is served by its own University Police Department. Each residence hall has an RA on duty nightly to respond immediately to emergencies and there is an RHD on call 24/7 to assist with emergencies that occur in any residence hall.
  • Payment. You only have to make two payments a year and the payments include all utilities, maintenance services, internet, cable (with premium channels like HBO), and a fully furnished room/suite/apartment.
  • Friendship. Our residence halls house anywhere from 60-600 residents and West Campus Apartments houses 240 residents. Living on campus will give you the opportunity to find someone to talk to at any time of day! RA programs help facilitate meeting new people and making new friends.
  • Leadership. There are numerous leadership opportunities available. You can participate in your Hall Council, Residence Hall Association (RHA), National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), or become a student staff member.
  • Academic success. Academic peer mentors (APM) are available in the buildings that house a majority of freshmen. For those buildings that are not staffed with an APM, RAs step in to assist with academic struggles and questions. Each residence hall has a study lounge where you can go to study alone or in groups.
  • Exemplary facilities. We make large strides to update and improve our residence halls. Many of our buildings have undergone renovations to provide new and comfortable living spaces to you.