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Student Staff Positions

Resident Assistant

The role of the resident assistant is that of a liaison which serves as a link between the Student Affairs staff and students.  The resident assistant's primary function is to offer peer assistance and direction to students.  The resident assistant is concerned with the growth and welfare of each individual in the hall and the group as a whole.  The resident assistant is considered a member of the Residence Life and Housing staff and is directly supervised by the residence hall director of the hall which he/she serves.

Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant position has been created by Residence Life and Housing for the purpose of providing expanded service to students.  This staff member is an important part of the building staff and contributes to the team management of the residence hall.  The administrative assistant will be responsible for a variety of tasks in each hall's office from answering the phone and distributing mail to typing and filing for the hall director.

Academic Peer Mentor

The role of the academic peer mentor is to be a resource and referral agent in the residence hall for student concerns related to curriculum, academic policies, and procedures, and possible career choices.  The academic peer mentor is also responsible for facilitating ongoing advisement programs, especially in the areas of study skills, time management, test taking skills, and stress management.