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How to Choose Your Room

  1. Log in to your myRedDragon
  2. Select the “Student” tab
  3. Under Residence Life and Housing select “Housing Forms for Continuing/Returning Students”
  4. Select “Choose Your Room”
  5. Follow all the instructions listed on the screen.
    • If you chose a roommate you will be prompted to enter their Housing ID 
    • Once you have selected a specific room there will be a five minute lock on it 
    • Room availability will diminish as you are selecting, because other students are selecting at the same time
    • Use the refresh button to continue the lock for a limited period of time
  6. When you reach the final review page, select final submit only when you are sure of your choice
  7. Print a copy of your room assignment
  8. Check your room assignment by following these steps

Screen shot PowerPoint