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Special Interest Housing

24-Hour Quiet Floors (Higgins Hall, floors 7-8; DeGroat 3rd floor) 

Two floors of Higgins Hall and one floor in Degroat Hall have been designated as the 24-Hour Quiet floors.  Students who select a 24-Hour Quiet floor will be asked to sign a statement indicating that they understand the quiet  guidelines and agree to abide by them.

Wellness Floor (Shea Hall)

Students who live on this floor sign an agreement not to use tobacco, drugs, or alcohol if under the age of 21 (on or off campus).  If a student is 21 or older, they may consume alcohol responsibly. Benefits of the wellness program include in-hall programming, hall sponsored recreational teams, and a positive living environment free from the second-hand effects of irresponsible/excessive alcohol use.

Quad-Doubles (Glass Tower Hall)

Glass Tower Hall consists of quads with two double bedrooms that share a bathroom for groups of four. There is an additional charge to live here. Glass Tower Hall offers air conditioning.

Winter Athlete Housing (Fitzgerald, Randall, Smith and Casey Towers and West Campus Apartments)

These residence halls will open for winter athletes in January. 

West Campus Apartments Special Interest Housing

Over 21 Buildings

These buildings have Community Standards which are decided upon by the members of the building in cooperation with campus policies.  Students selecting these buildings must be over 21 by September 1, 2012.

Co-ed Housing

Four apartments (16 spaces in one building) – each having four single bedrooms at the West Campus Apartments will be designated as Co-ed Housing.  This is an opportunity for mixed groups of students to sign up together within apartments.  We will not pre-determine the gender of individual bedrooms in these apartments.  Two of the apartments will be available during Full Group Selection and two of the apartments will be available during regular room selection.  They can be picked on a first-come, first-served basis during RSP 2012-2013.

Green Building

One building is a designated green building where all residents agree to make a positive commitment to maintaining this community expectation. Evidence of this commitment shall be through managing your own sustainability efforts and the sustainability efforts of my guests as it relates to living a sustainable life on and off campus.