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Housing Options

Room Rates

Standard Double $3,715
Suite Double (Alger, Clark, Higgins) $3,845
Designed Triple $3,715
Designed Single $4,315
Suite Single (Clark, Higgins) $4,440
Single in Double $4,790
Glass Quad Double $3,865
Glass Designed Triple $3,865
West Campus Apartments Single $3,675
Leadership House Single $3,500
New Residence Hall $3,965

Meal plans are required for all on campus housing except for West Campus Apartments and the Leadership House.

Special interest housing options are available:

  • 24-hour quiet floor
  • Wellness floor
  • Quad-doubles
  • Winter athlete housing
  • Over 21 buildings at West Campus Apartments
  • Co-ed housing at West Campus Apartments


Low rise cooridor style buildings with double rooms:

High rise buildings with cooridor rooms:


Buildings with suites:

*Suites in Alger, Clark, and Higgins Halls are charged at a higher rate than suites in Casey and Smith Towers.


Buildings with designed single rooms:

*Single rooms are charged at a higher rate than a standard double.


Buildings with deluxe rooms:

  • Cheney Hall
    • One designed triple and one double plus lounge
    • Two designed triples plus lounge
    • Two doubles pluse lounge

*You use common bathroom on the floor


Buildings with quad-doubles:

  • Glass Tower Hall
    • Two double rooms plus a bathroom
  • The new residence hall
    • Two double rooms plus a bathroom

*Quad-doubles in Glass Tower and the new residence hall are charged at a higher rate than standard doubles.


Apartment style buildings:

  • West Campus Apartments
    • Four single bedrooms, fully furnished
    • One full and one half bathroom (accessible apartments have one large bathroom)
    • Furnished living room
    • Full kitchen- stove/oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher
    • Optional meal plan
    • Open over all breaks
    • Free laundry in building
    • Bus transportation to and from campus
    • Parking available close to your building

*West Campus Apartments are charged at a higher rate than standard doubles. Meal plans are not included.