Residence Hall Community Activities Board

About Us

Your Residence Hall Community Activities Board consists of an executive board and a general body, and serves to provide a forum for students within the hall to voice their concerns, to create social programs, and to provide community development within the hall.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Residence Hall Community Activities Board is to build community through residential living, provide a unified voice of the residential population, and offer leadership development to its members.

How does RHCAB serve the residence hall community?

Residence Hall Community Activities Board is a residential student organization committed to improving community living.  It is the governing body of the residence hall that sets community standards, plans activities, and advocates for the students living in the hall.   Residence Community Activities Boards will provide leadership opportunities and social programming, and will assist in developing pride and responsibility of ownership in the residence hall (and larger) community. 

How do I participate in RHCAB?

Your residence hall staff will have interest meetings at the start of each semester. Hall staff will communicate the location of these meetings via email or in hall. For more information, visit your hall director's office during their office hours.