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General Information

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Registration and Fees

Early bird registration (before Feb. 1):

  • $60 per person
  • $40 per person if presenting

Regular registration (between Feb. 1-8):

  • $65 per person

Presentation submission deadline:

  • Feb. 1

Registration form:


The Residence Life Conference will sponsor:

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central New York

All donations and money earned through the silent auction will be donated to this organization.

Roll Call

Roll Call is a competition comprised of skits lasting 2-3 minutes. The skits may include acting, singing, dancing, step, video, etc. and are intended to be a means to introduce your school, show school pride and incorporate the conference theme. The school that wins gets the official Roll Call Trophy.

Skits will be judged based on originality, creativity, enthusiasm, energy and the use of the conference theme.


  • minimum of two minutes
  • maximum of three minutes
  • should not contain offensive material
  • must include at least one line pertaining to a 90s Nickelodeon television show or movie
  • must include an artist style (e.g. song, dance, poetry)
  • video can be done, but a live skit must still be included
  • represent your school
  • have fun and be unique
  • support the theme (creativity)