National Residence Hall Honorary

NRHH Applications available:

Applications will close on Monday, November 3. Induction will be held at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, December 1. You must download the forms to complete them electronically.

What is NRHH all about?

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a student-run organization dedicated to recognizing outstanding student leadership on campus. Membership is restricted to the top one-percent of students living on campus. In addition to leadership, we also recognize students based on academic, recognition, scholastic, and service potentials.

Members of NRHH are expected to lead by example, act as role models to the campus community, make contributions to the organization, campus, and Cortland community. The are also expected to be internally motivated and driven to succeed. Through membership in NRHH, students are encouraged to enhance their leadership potential in new and exciting ways while encouraging others to do the same.

Dates for recruitment

  • Mon., Nov. 3: applications CLOSE
  • Mon., Dec. 1: induction ceremony

Volunteer opportunities

Causes we support

  • Breast Cancer Walk
  • Saint Jude Children's Hospital- made 100 puzzles
  • Paper cranes to help the cancer mission
  • Cards for soldiers
  • Crop Walk

We recognize and develop leaders

  • Develop our leadership skills through events and training
  • Recognize many people and their achievements on the SUNY Cortland campus
    • RHD Recognition Day
    • Appreciation Nights for chapter and Birthday Recognition
    • Staff Recognition
    • Bus Driver Recognition
    • Rec. Sports Recognition
    • Cortland Bingo
    • PB&J sandwich making for soup kitchen
    • RAK Attacks
    • Pay it Forward