Licenses, Forms, and Documents - SUNY Cortland

Licenses, Forms, and Documents


These policies support the goal of residence life and housing at SUNY Cortland to provide a clean, comfortable, safe and enriching living environment. Students have a right and a responsibility to be aware of the expectations of the community in which they live.

Room and Board License

License agreement for students living in residence halls.

Special Interest Agreements

Gender Inclusive Floor/Building, Casey Tower and West Campus Apartments

Students living in gender inclusive housing must sign this agreement.

Quiet Floor Agreement, DeGroat and Higgins Halls

Students living on the quiet floor must sign this agreement.

Transfer Floor Agreement, Hayes Hall

Students living on the transfer floor must sign this agreement.

Wellness Agreement, Shea Hall

Students living on the wellness floor must sign this agreement.


Break Housing Registration Form (PDF)

International students who require housing during Thanksgiving, winter, and/or spring breaks must complete this form. Only for international students.

New Student Off Campus Approval Form (PDF)

New students requesting to live off campus must fill out this form.

Paid Single in a Double Agreement Form for fall 2015 (PDF)

Students interested in paying for a single in a double must complete and submit this form.

Release from Housing Financial Worksheet (Excel)

Any student who has submitted a release from housing form for a financial reason must complete this form.

Room Condition Report (PDF)

All students receive this upon check in and should compare the comments to the actual condition of their room to ensure accurate recording to avoid damage charges upon check-out.

Single Request Form (PDF)

All students requesting to have their assignment changed to a single room must complete and submit this form.

Student Staff Roommate Form (PDF)

RAs, AAs and APMs who would like to pull a roommate into their room, suite, quad or apartment must fill out this form.

Wait-List Form (PDF)

Students who are interested in moving back on campus must fill out this form.

West Campus Apartments Wait List Form (Google Form)

Any student who would like to move to West Campus Apartments from a residence hall location or to a residence hall location from West Campus Apartments should complete this form. A move is not guaranteed.