Full Group Selection

What is a Full Group?

Any group that has enough people to occupy the whole suite/quad/apartment/deluxe room and wishes to sign up to live together. To sign up to live in a six-person suite, you must have six people in your group. Download the Suite/Quad Group Selection Worksheet (PDF) or the Apartment Group Selection Worksheet (PDF).

How it works

  • Fifty percent of all suites, quads, deluxe rooms and apartments are available during Full Group Selection.
  • You must meet all deadlines to go through Full Group Selection.
  • One person in your group must fill out the Full Group form by the deadline.
    • Only one person in the group needs to fill out the Full Group Form.
    • The designated person will need the full names and Housing IDs of each person in your group.
    • Any group that does not fill out the Full Group form by the deadline cannot participate in Full Group Selection, but will be able to continue through RSP.
    • All group members must complete the other RSP steps by the designated deadline — room deposit, RSP Form.
    • Changes are not permitted once you submit the form.
      • If there is a change to your group that happens after the form is submitted, someone withdraws from school, for example, your group will be bumped back into their regular time ticket.
  • Each person in your group receives the same time ticket information.
  • You will select as roommate pairs (one person cannot pull everyone in the group into the suite/quad/apartment/deluxe room when selecting).
  • When selecting a suite, quad, deluxe room or apartment you can change from one suite or apartment to another, but you CANNOT change the members of your group.
    • If you change your group everyone will be removed from Full Group Selection and your entire group will be bumped into your regular time tickets.
  • Residence life and housing will monitor the Full Group assignments.
  • If you select during Full Group Selection, you cannot select during regular selection.
  • If you are unable to select a suite, quad, apartment or deluxe room during Full Group Selection you will select based on your regular time tickets.
  • Time tickets will be viewable for those closed out of Full Group Selection at noon on Mon., Mar. 30, 2015

Halls with suites

  • Alger Hall
  • Casey Tower
  • Clark Hall
  • Higgins Hall
  • Smith Tower

Halls with quad doubles

  • Glass Tower Hall
  • Dragon Hall

Halls with deluxe rooms

  • Cheney Hall