Expedited Shipping

Expedited Transcript Services

SUNY Cortland offers expedited transcript shipping direct from our office for students or alumni needing  immediate transcript service.  To protect your financial information, and to give you the ability to track and receive updates on your transcript requests, we require you to have use a secure FedEx site. The Registrar's Office cannot accept credit card information via fax or phone.

You can also obtain a FedEx Account by using FedEx online tools, or by contacting FedEx Customer Service. Obtaining an account will permit you to track and confirm the shipping of your transcripts, and make repeat orders easier.

Shipping With Fed Ex Pickup

In order to have a transcript sent by Fed-Ex from our office, you must have a Fed-Ex airbill with a pre-printed Fed Ex account number, prepaid bill or label. For your information/financial security, no credit cards can be accepted by the Registrar's Office via fax, on an Airbill, by phone or in person.

Note: You must submit your request and airbill to us before noon (Monday-Friday EST)  in order to have your request picked up by Fed EX for overnight/next day delivery.  Orders delivered to us after noon, will be sent on the next weekday.

    1. Go to FedEx.com.
    2. Choose your location if you are prompted.
    3. Click on the "SHIP" menu item on the page.
    4. Choose “PREPARE SHIPMENT” on the drop-down menu.
    5. You may log in if you are a Fed Ex account holder.  You may also choose one of the three options on the page:

      • Create a User ID for Shipping with an account
      • Create a User ID for Shipping with a credit card
      • Create a one-time credit card shipment
    6. If you choose to register, follow the on-screen directions for registration. Registration allows for transcript tracking and delivery confirmation.

      Fed Ex Screenshot

    7. On the shipment screen, put your OWN address in the “FROM” section.  This is to be sure the package is returned to you in the event that it cannot be delivered by Fed Ex.  When shipping to yourself, you may use SUNY Cortland as your return address.
    8. Complete the remaining fields, selecting your desired FedEx shipping option. When selecting the shipping package / options, your transcript must be sent via a FedEx envelope, which will be provided by our office when preparing your transcript.
    9. Review the estimated cost and confirm your selections.
    10. When you are finished selecting your options, print your mailing label (airbill) to be included with your request.
    11. Prepare your transcript request using the transcript request form on the SUNY Cortland Registrar's site. Please be sure you provide the complete and correct information. You must include your current address and phone number on the transcript request form. No transcripts will be sent by Fed-Ex without this information.
    12. Fax or mail the request form to the Registrar's Office, making sure to include the Fed Ex label.
    13. When your transcript is shipped, you will be billed directly by Fed-Ex.
    14. You can check the status of your shipment at any time if you established an account online.  If you selected email notification options, you will also receive an email notifying you of shipment progress and delivery.

      Please note that we cannot ship C.O.D. via FedEx.

    If you need assistance, or do not wish to create an account online, you may call 1-(800)-GOFEDEX for account creation services. For additional online assistance with FedEx accounts, establishing an online account, or account features; please contact FedEx Customer Support online.

    Pre-Printed Bills: If you have pre-printed FedEx airbills that have account numbers and billing information for you or your business, you must include the FedEx airbill portion in your fax.  Additionally, the FedEx bar-code must be present, or your package cannot be sent.

    Ship Transcripts Yourself

    Students and alumni wishing to send transcripts using a different shipping service, are also permitted to order and pickup transcripts in the office, so you may ship or deliver using your preferred method.  Your transcript will be provided in an official sealed envelope that must remain sealed when shipping or delivering.

    In the Cortland area, the following additional shipping outlets are available.  You may pick up transcripts personally and use these services.  SUNY Cortland ships via FEDEX only.