College Withdrawal Policy and Process

Current Students:  Withdrawal from College Process

Students withdrawing from the College, will be assigned a grade of W in courses that are in progress. It is the student’s responsibility to clear all records and obligations to receive official separation.

The official withdrawal form and procedures for filing may be viewed on the Registrar's site or in the Associate Dean's office.

Official withdrawals require the signature of the Associate Dean and the Financial Aid Office.  Completed forms must be provided to the Registrar.

Students who decide not to return to Cortland are responsible for notifying the Registrar’s Office by completing the withdrawal process to avoid tuition and fee liability problems and to release seats to fellow students.

Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal. If the College is in session, the withdrawal form should be completed with the associate dean. Failure to do so will delay or reduce any refunds the student may be eligible to receive.

Students who have withdrawn after midterm ordinarily will not be considered for readmission until the passage of a full academic year.

Newly Admitted Students: Withdrawal / Decline Attendance

Newly admitted students may decline attendance by informing the institution in writing prior to the start of the term.

Once the term begins, newly admitted students will be required to complete the withdrawal procedures in place for current students.

Once registration occurs, and the term commences, students may be liable for tuition and fees.

Non-attendance of classes does not qualify as an official withdrawal and does not relieve a student of  financial obligations or liability.