Quarter Courses

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About Quarter Courses

Quarter courses are usually .5 to 2 credit hours, and meet for one half of the semester.  In some specialized programs 10 week courses may be offered (at the graduate level only).

Quarter courses are open for registration during pre-registration, the drop-and-add week and one week prior to the start of the second half of the semester up to the first day of class. 

You can view all of the offered quarter courses on the Schedule of Classes by selecting a part of term using the drop-down.

Spring 2017 Quarter Course Enrollment (Including CAR, SAVE and DASA)

All quarter course registration is open for registration during pre-registration and the drop-and-add week. For the second and fourth quarters an additional one week period prior to the start quarter through the first day of the quarter (ending at 4pm) is also offered. Because myRedDragon Registration is closed for the term during second and fourth quarter registration, quarter course enrollment must be completed by the Registrar's Office using the change of schedule form.

  • Third Quarter (Q3) Enrollment: Pre-registration and During Drop / Add

  • Fourth Quarter (Q4) Enrollment: During the normal drop/add period, and reopening on Monday, March 6 through Monday, March 20 (4pm). Students will register using the change of schedule form.