Online Courses and Open SUNY

Online Courses

Open SUNY and Online Course Offerings

SUNY Cortland offers online courses for current and visiting students via our Blackboard Course Management System accessible through myRedDragon.  There are three varieties of online courses: web-based courses which are entirely online,  hybrid courses which have weekly in-class meetings in addition to an online component, and blended courses which are predominately online, but meet on campus occasionally.

Open SUNY and Schedule Search

SUNY Cortland is pleased to list all of our online, hybrid and blended courses on Open SUNY.  We welcome students from other campuses to study at Cortland.  Do not hesitate to contact the Registrar's Office at 607-753-4702 or at to learn more about registering as a visiting student or as part of the SUNY-wide cross-registration agreement. You can also search for online courses by accessing our schedule of classes and viewing courses by attribute. You may view advanced details about courses through our local schedule of classes.

Registration and Special Permission

Some courses may require special permission to register because many online, hybrid or blended courses have special requirements, specific meeting times or particular technology standards. Special permission may be obtained by contacting the academic department.  Some academic departments may require course contracts for online learning if there are special requirements.

Visiting Students

  • You may learn how to register using our alternate registration process on our visiting student pages.  Students visiting form other SUNY schools may learn about cross-registration as well. Do not hesitate to reach out to the Registrar's Office at 607-753-4702 or at for assistance or guidance.

  • Students seeking additional information about summer session or winter session fees, withdrawal deadlines and policies should visit the summer session and winter session sites.

  • After registering, visiting students will receive an initial registration email from the Registrar's Office which will  include your C-number (College ID), your Net-ID (username) and your initial password-setting instructions. Students registering in person will receive an instruction form when registering in the office.

  • You may login to SUNY Cortland's online services via our single-sign-on web portal - myRedDragon.

  • If you have specific question about the course content, the course syllabus or additional requirements, you should contact the instructor or the academic department.

Accessing Blackboard

All students may access Blackboard by logging into myRedDragon using their Net-ID and password.

  1. Navigate to myRedDragon
  2. Click the ACADEMICS tab.
  3. Find the CORTLAND E-LEARNING SYSTEM channel on the tab.

For more information and instructions, you may download the Blackboard guide, or access the online resources.

Online Course Policies and Access

As with traditional courses, students are responsible for completing course assignments and accessing all materials and lectures/units. All withdrawal, refund and assessment policies for in-person courses also apply to online courses.

Prior to the course start date, you must be certain you can access all required online services and content. Tuition and fee refunds will not be granted after the withdrawal deadlines due to access or technology issues on the part of a student.

By registering, you are committing to completing the online course and adhering to campus policies. You are required to understand the requirements, and to have access to the materials.