Cross Registration Petition

Petition to Cross-Register

Undergraduate SUNY Cortland students are permitted to petition to cross-register at another SUNY institution in accord with the SUNY cross-registration policies and guidelines.  Cross-registered courses are considered transfer courses at SUNY Cortland. Students are required to complete the Permission to Transfer Credit process when cross-registering.

This process was established to  (1) strengthen an academic program by including a course or courses not taught by the home institution; (2) resolve a course scheduling conflict that delays timely program completion; or (3) utilize existing faculty, facilities, and resources more efficiently.  The Associate Dean will consider requests based on whether a viable pathway for resolving course scheduling conflicts exists at SUNY Cortland, and/or if avenues for strengthening the program exists at SUNY Cortland.

Important: Submission deadlines are December 1 for spring courses and July 1 for fall courses.

  1. Review the host college website or materials to determine the course offerings for a given semester. Use the transfer equivalency charts to check the course equivalent. If the course is not on the charts, obtain and print out a course description.  

  2. Make an appointment with your academic advisor at Cortland. Speak to him/her about your plans and how the course fits into your degree requirements/CAPP. Obtain your advisor's signature/approval on the permission form. 

  3. Print out and complete Permission to Transfer Credit form, and bring it to the Advisement and Transition Office (Memorial Library A-111) before December 1 for Spring, and July 1 for Fall. Review the policies on the form regarding transfer of credit.

  4. Print out and complete the Cross-Registration Agreement form, and deliver it to your Associate Dean for review and approval before December 1 for Spring, and July 1 for Fall. Due to the need to coordinate between institutions, late submissions of the Cross-Registration Agreement cannot be accepted.

  5. If you are planning to cross-register at a community college, you should contact the County Clerk in the county of your residence to obtain a Certificate of Residency early in the process.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Students attending a community college must provide a copy of the Certificate of Residency to the community college. If a Certificate of Residency is required, a copy must also be provided to the SUNY Cortland Registrar at least one week before classes begin at the host institution, or you may made liable for tuition and fees.

  6. The Associate Dean will review your cross-registration petition and submit it to the Registrar. The Registrar’s Office will contact you with the decision when the form processing is complete. You will be required to pick up the form in the Registrar's Office.

Registering at the Host School

  1. Students will take a copy of the completed Cross-Registration Agreement with all required SUNY Cortland approval signatures and the raised College seal, to the host institution to register for the course(s). The Registrar's Office will also retain a copy, and send a copy to the host.  Please note: host institutions will not accept documents without the raised seal and all required signatures.

  2. After you successfully register at the host institution, you must provide a copy of the form signed by the host to the Registrar’s Office at SUNY Cortland at least one week before classes begin at the host school.

  3. If you are cross-registering at a community college, you must also bring the Certificate of Residency to the SUNY Cortland Registrar at least one week before classes begin at the host institution, or you may made liable for tuition and fees.

    Failure to complete the process outlined above may result in tuition due and billed to you, and/or result in financial holds being placed on your record at the host school.