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Visiting Students

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Study at SUNY Cortland

SUNY Cortland welcomes students from other campuses and our community during all of our academic sessions, including our summer sessions and winter sessions.  You are able to view our complete course offerings using our public schedule of classes.  The Registrar's Office provides support for everyone who is planning to study as a non-matriculated student at SUNY Cortland.  Your initial registration, and the establishment of your record and your Cortland ID will take place in the Registrar's Office.

SUNY-Wide Cross Registration

If you are a visiting student attending under the SUNY-wide cross-registration agreement please review our visitor cross-registration page for additional information and instructions.

Undergraduate Visiting Students 

During our Spring and Fall semesters, undergraduate students may enroll in courses on a part-time, non-degree basis by registering through the Registrar’s Office. Registration is available for undergraduates beginning the first day of class. Registration windows for summer session and winter session differ, and may be found online as well. The Registrar's Office provides an alternate registration process for non-matriculated / non-degree students.

Undergraduate non-degree students may not register for more than a total of 11.5 credit hours. Undergraduate students who have earned a total of 11.5 credit hours, must apply through the Admissions Office for matriculated status or discontinue work at Cortland. If accepted, such students will register with other matriculated students in accord with the registration schedule available on the Web.

Qualified high school juniors and seniors are eligible to enroll in college-level courses at Cortland as part-time, non-degree students with a letter of recommendation from their school guidance counselors. They may be enrolled in freshman or sophomore-level courses upon the approval of their school guidance counselors. 

All students who have been academically dismissed are ineligible for non-matriculated status.

Students should consult this catalog to be certain that all prerequisites for courses in which they may enroll have been fulfilled. 

Graduate Visiting Students

Students who hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to attend graduate courses on a part-time, non-matriculated basis may do so. Non-degree status may be kept prior to matriculation, up to nine credit hours, when acceptance to a degree program must occur, or enrollment will cease. All prerequisites for these courses must be fulfilled.

Non-matriculated students are not assigned advisors and register during specific non-matriculated graduate student registration windows prior to the opening of the semester (see dates and deadlines). Students who wish to become matriculated or pursue a degree at SUNY Cortland, will need to apply formally for admission by the time they complete nine credit hours or three courses.


Non-matriculated students will complete the alternate registration form to request registration. At the time of registration, payment information must be provided.