TEACH Authorization Form

Authorizing The College

Each student pursuing teacher certification must complete the authorization form below, so we are permitted to provide required data to the New York State Education Department.  After you have been awarded your degree in a registered program, and completed all recommendation requirements, the SUNY Cortland Registrar's Office will recommend you to the New York State Education Department for the teaching certificate.

Please note that it may take 60 days from the official date of graduation to finalize a recommendation.  If you need assistance in the interim period when applying for employment or graduate school, please contact our office to learn about transcript and letter services we can provide to assist.

Attention Cortland Alumni

Our office is ready to help you with your recommendation or your Cortland program code.

This form is used for students that are currently enrolled at the College, or in the process of having the degree conferred.  If you have graduated previously, and need assistance with your program code please review our TEACH Code support information where you can obtain your code(s).

If you are seeking a recommendation after having been away from the College for 120 days or more, you are required to contact the office to receive a recommendation, since completion of this form  will not initiate a recommendation for students who are no longer active.  We will be happy to assist you when you contact us.

Note: Some browsers will require a middle initial in the name section of the form below.  If you do not have a middle initial, place a dash (-) in the field to proceed.