Course Withdrawals

Course Withdrawal Policy Information

Course withdrawals begin after the add/drop period for a course ends. Students are not permitted to withdraw from classes during the last three weeks of semester courses. The standard deadline for full-term courses is November 15 in the Fall and April 15 in the Spring. In the event that the deadlines fall on the weekend, the next business day will be used. Consult the academic calendar page for specific dates and deadlines.

Due to fluctuating dates, add/drop dates and withdrawal deadlines for summer and winter sessions are be established prior to the term and published on the summer session site and winter session site.

Students who have been found in violation of the academic dishonesty code lose the opportunity to withdraw from the course in which the violation has occurred.

Withdrawal Letter Grade

A letter grade of "X" indicates an official withdrawal from a College course without academic penalty. Only if a student withdraws before the deadline date, will the grade of “X” be issued. After the withdrawal deadline has elapsed, either the grade received or an "E" will be recorded on the academic record and included in the GPA. (Grades of "X" are not assigned for courses which are fully dropped during the official College drop/add period.)

Financial Aid

The Grade of "X" is considered attempted but not completed for the purpose of calculating Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid Eligibility. The policies regarding SAP for State and Federal Financial Aid are detailed in the SUNY Cortland College Catalog. The most common financial aid impact from course withdrawal in a single semester is a loss of NYS TAP eligibility for the following semester. However, a pattern of withdrawal and/or failure across more than one semester may result in the loss of ALL future aid eligibility, including student loans. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your Financial Aid Counselor if the course withdrawal will reduce your total completed credit hours for the current semester to less than twelve.

Procedures for Course Withdrawal

Students must download the Course Withdrawal form below and obtain signatures from the course instructor, the academic advisor, and the associate dean. Students are also advised to consult the Financial Aid Office if they have questions or concerns about the impact a withdrawal will have on aid. Completed withdrawal forms must be provided to the Registrar's Office before the withdrawal deadline elapses. 

Download the Course Withdrawal Form