Instructional Space

Classroom Teaching

Classrooms and Instructional Space

The Registrar's Office schedules classrooms and other academic spaces on campus in accord with the College Handbook.  In addition to classrooms, the Registrar's Office schedule labs on behalf on Information Resources.  

  • Instructional Space Catalog: The catalog includes detailed information, sortable views and photos of classrooms.
  • Building Codes and Descriptions (PDF): View a complete listing of scheduled space building codes.
  • myRedDragon / EMS Lab & Space Reservations: Lab reservations and other space reservations are made online through the campus EMS (Event Management System). This system is used to reserve conference rooms and labs.  In Fall 2012, this will be expanded to permit classrooms reservations for additional events or supplemental instruction. View the instructions online as well.

  • Standard Time Schedule (PDF): Review the standard classroom meeting times for the SUNY Cortland campus.

  • Course Scheduling Principles: General objectives in building the schedule of classes include providing workable schedules for students by departments, ensuring access to courses by students, and making the best and most efficient use of classrooms and campus instructional spaces. These guidelines are also established to reduce additional overhead and rescheduling efforts created by overscheduling, and to respond to a reduction in classroom inventories.

Requesting Classroom Changes

While the room model attempts to create optimum placements for faculty based on available data and resources, it is not possible to meet all criteria or requests based on room availability and constraints. In these instances, the department may work within the department's assignments and/or with the school dean to find an alternate location by using resources within other departments in the school or in general purpose classrooms (GPCs).

Requests for room reassignment must be made to the chair, who will make the request to the dean if needed. 

  • General Purpose Classroom
    The school dean's approval and availability verification is required after the chair approves.
  • Priority Placement Classroom Change Within Dept
    The chair will approve the change, copying the dean to update priority placement charts and verify availability.
  • Specialized Classroom or Lab Within Dept
    Chair approval only is required.

Classroom Physical Maintenance

The Physical Plant unit of Facilities Management maintains and operates the physical facilities of SUNY Cortland in order to provide a clean, attractive, safe, healthy and productive environment.

Technical Support

For technical support within a classroom, please use the telephone number provided in the classroom. Faculty and staff may also contact team members in Information Resources via The Help Center who provide support for campus equipment.