New Faculty Members

Fall Scence


Each year, SUNY Cortland is pleased to welcome new colleagues to campus! We have assembled some key resources to assist  as we welcome our new faculty members to campus.

New Faculty Orientation

August 19, 2014

The Provost's Office offers a Faculty Orientation program which introduces faculty members to the various offices, policies and programs on campus.  For the Fall 2014 term, the program takes place on Tuesday, August 19. New faculty members may contact the Provost's Office for more information.

Below are some critical resources that might be of value.  In addition to this brief list, there is a more comprehensive Faculty/Staff Resources site as well.

Information for Faculty Members

Getting Ready to Join the Community

Getting Ready for Class

Registrar's Presentation

The Registrar hosts a presentation during new faculty orientation, which introduces faculty members to some critical start-of-term information and policies.

Information For Academic Departments

In addition to the typical processes coordinated by Human Resources, some steps need to be taken to activate the faculty members in SUNY Cortland's systems and the course file.  The Human Resources Office coordinates new hiring steps and can be contacted for information regarding hiring, benefits and personnel data.

  • New Instructor Activation and Assignment Form
    The academic department must this form to add an instructor to BANNER, and the course file.  This will need to be completed before an instructor can be listed in the schedule of classes and/or assigned advisees.

  • Course Creation Form
    Use this form to create new courses or sections being assigned to the newly hired faculty member.

  • Banner Authorization Form
    This form is only completed if the new faculty member will use and have access to BANNER Client. To access the form, enter myRedDragon, click TECH HELP, then REQUESTS-FORMS in the Information Resources channel.