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Banner Client and Self Service Access

All of the following guidelines are provided for your convenience, and to assist you when requesting access to systems.  Access provision and the use of the system is governed by SUNY Cortland's Acceptable Use policies and the Information Resources policies included in the College Handbook. All system access is granted by Information Resources. The Registrar's Office supports the process by confirming access needs in accord with information security policies and FERPA.  

Please allow a minimum of five business days to make changes to systems access. Because the processes below require mandatory security and access review, you should begin the process at least one week before an employee is scheduled to join the College or change roles. Questions regarding a current access request, may be directed to the SUNY Cortland Information Resources Help Center (607-753-2500 or via email at

SSB (Bannerweb) Access via myRedDragon for Faculty & Staff

Including Degree Works, CAPP, Advisee Listings, and the Academic Summary (Unofficial Transcript)

Self Service Banner (SSB) is the generic name for the web-based tools provided by the Banner Student Information System. At SUNY Cortland, we include these tools as a feature within myRedDragon. The myRedDragon Self Service Banner (SSB) environment  provides faculty and staff with access to course schedules, course rosters, grade entry tools and also provides access to important advisee and student information.  

There are different levels of access within the myRedDragon Self Service Banner (SSB) environment. In most cases, a standard instructor-level access is granted to new employees. With standard access, an employee receives access to current and past course records, grading, and student rosters and contact information for students enrolled in assigned courses.  If you are a staff member, you will not have access to student data under this role. If your role is department support, you are an academic advisor or other professional requiring student data access, you must make the request through the Registrar's Office using the Self Service Access Request.

New Cortland Employees

New employees will receive a NETID (firstname.lastname) as part of their employment orientation.  For assistance regarding your NETID, please contact the Information Resources Help Center (607-753-2500). If you are a new faculty member, you will be granted access to your course records and students as part of this process automatically.  Access is granted when you are assigned to a course.  If you do not see your course information, contact your academic department, to be assured they have completed the Self Service Access Request.  Generally, the academic department will initiate the request before the semester begins.  

Current Cortland Employees Changing Roles

If you are a current employee who will be serving as a chair or advisor, and are seeking additional advisor or department chair level access within SSB, you may use the Self Service Access Request form to request a change in role.  Department chairs and advisors receive enhanced access to role-specific tools.

Leaving the College

If an employee is leaving the employment of the College, the Self Service Access Request may also be used to remove or limit access to SSB tools. Please consult Human Resources and/or Information Resources for requirements.

INB (Banner Client) Access for New and Current Employees

Internet Native Banner (INB) is a restricted access tool that is reserved for administrators, department chairs and coordinators who require additional administrative access to records. This is is not the same as Self Service Banner. A Banner user profile and security class must be assigned to individuals to grant access to INB.  A user profile is an ORACLE login ID that is created for an employee so they may access security class-specific resources within the Banner Production Systems (General, Student, Financial Aid, and/or Finance). Users may request access to the Banner Student Information System Client (INB) by accessing myRedDragon and completing the Administrative Computing Services User Profile Authorization Form (see below).  Access to INB is not granted to students.  INB access for test, development and pre-production systems is granted when you have membership on the Banner Committee.

If you need additional INB access assistance or instructions, please contact the Help Center directly with your inquiry at 607-753-2500 or at