Data Requests and Policies

Registrar's Office Data

The Registrar's Office maintains a wide array of student academic records. Where it is appropriate, this information may be available to faculty and staff for approved institutional and educational interests as defined and allowed by campus policy and federal/state law.  

Information provided or approved for use by the Registrar is operational in nature, and supports daily operations and data management.  The Registrar's Office can assist in the following:

  • Class Lists and Class Data (available via Banner and MRD)
  • Course Data and Catalog Extracts
  • Student Grade Data for Operational Use (operational, non-research/IR use)
  • Student Biographic and Demographic Data for Operational Use (operational, non-research/IR use)
  • Scheduling Data
  • Operational Mailing Labels, Extracts, Third Party Releases

We may have the ability to assist in other areas of data collection, or may be able to better direct you to one of our colleagues who is better equipped. Do not hesitate to contact us for help or support.

Data Requests

Please use the form below if you are requesting data that is managed by the Registrar for multiple students for operational uses (such as a mailing, distribution or data collection project, systems support). This form may include data that is provided by other units, but requires Registrar approval and permission to disclose. Please contact us for help prior to completing this form, or if you have any questions about when to use the form or request process. 

  • Data must be securely shared with providers and third parties.  SUNY Cortland cannot email files with student data. A secure method such as secure FTP, Cortland's ShareFile or other secure service must be used.

  • Data can be provided for official College purposes.  Data distributions to advertisers or third parties that do not have contractual agreements and support the mission of the College will use the external request processes (FOIL/FOIA) managed by Public Relations.

Other Data Sources / Institutional Research Projects