Course Building

Course Building and Scheduling Resources

Welcome to our course building resource collection.  Here, you can find forms, policies, schedules and helpful information to aid you when building courses.

Semester Course Builds and Resources

  • Scheduling Principles: This document provides an overview of scheduling principles, procedures and workflows.

  • Co-Instructor Authorization: (PDF) Department chairs and instructors will use this form to authorize multiple instructors for a course. This will grant access to the course in Blackboard, in addition to listing the instructor as a co-instructor on the official schedule.

  • New Course / Section Creation Form: (PDF) Faculty and staff may use this form to build courses and course sections. This is for entering established, approved courses to a semester's schedule.

  • New Faculty Course Association: Used to designate new faculty members (new hires and new adjunct faculty) to be associated with courses on the schedule of classes.

  • Room Capacities / Instructional Space Inventory: Room capacities for competitive and dedicated classrooms on campus.

  • Standard Time Schedule (PDF): Review the standard classroom meeting times for the SUNY Cortland campus. 

  • Blended and Infrequent Meeting Requests: Use this form to request space for published course times  in blended on infrequent sections prior to EMS system availability.

Other Scheduling Resources