Degree Works Timeline

Currently, we envision a Degree Works implementation for the undergraduate 2013-2014 catalog terms and beyond.  To provide continuity to continuing students - and to avoid errors that may arise due to existing student course substitutions and exceptions - Degree Works is currently planned to go live alongside the former CAPP tool.  CAPP will be phased out in future terms.  

As required by the SUNY initiative, graduate programs will be brought online in Degree Works after the undergraduate programs are developed. Time tables for the graduate implementation will be developed after we perform an assessment of the undergraduate roll-out and have provided updates and refinements to the system.

Phase One: Implementation Team (Completed Spring 2013)

As part of a shared development model used by SUNY and Ellucian, SUNY Cortland has assembled a required core team of initial implementers to install and provide a baseline feature set for the system.  During this time, SUNY Cortland works with SUNY, our cohort team members, and Ellucian consultants to scribe an initial cross-section of programs, general education requirements and SUNY Cortland degree requirements.  

  • Academic Advising
  • Associate Deans Offices
  • Information Resources
  • Institutional Research and Planning 
  • Registrar's Office

Phase Two: Faculty and Advisor Development and Testing (Happening Now!)

Once the initial system is installed and core functions are operating, the Registrar's Office will begin assembling school teams and will establish meetings with each academic department to build the 2013-2014 catalog years in Degree Works.  The 2014-2015 catalog updates will also be applied as curricular approvals are received throughout the Spring 2014 term.  During this time, as incremental program development occurs, we will be working with faculty and staff to test the system and be assured the new tool is consistently providing accurate audits.

  • Department Chairs and/or Undergraduate Program Coordinators
  • Associate Deans
  • Registrar's Office: Curriculum Specialist
  • Department-Identified Faculty and Advisor Testers

Phase Three: Comprehensive Testing (Happening Now!)

Once the core programs are built, we will be asking a small group of 'beta tester' students to test the system and provide feedback.  We will also open the system up to all faculty and advisors who will also be asked to provide feedback, identify any issues, identify further needs, and help develop SUNY Cortland's development and refinement goals.

  • Open to All Faculty and Staff Users of MRD Advising Tools

Phase Four: "Go Live" Release to Undergraduates (Summer and Fall 2014)

Presently, we envision rolling Degree Works out to undergraduate students in the 2014-2015 academic year, with catalog terms from Fall 2011 forward available to students. Students graduating in May, August and December 2014 will continue to use CAPP until degree requirements are met.

Phase Five: Assessment and Forward Planning

To be assured we are meeting goals and moving the auditing process forward, the Registrar's Office will be leading an assessment and review of the Degree Works system and its governance beginning in the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 terms.  This will help guide future development and will aid in establishing timetables for future development.

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