Degree Works Exceptions

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Degree Works Exceptions

Advisors are able to request exceptions to the standard degree audit by submitting a Degree Audit Exception form to the department chair and associate dean.  This process is used when the advisor, department chair and associate dean determine that it is acceptable to deviate from a major, minor, degree or program requirement.

Generally, exceptions are "course substitutions" where one or several courses are substituted for another when the advisor, department chair and associate dean find that the learning outcomes, subject matter, and materials may correspond or have significant overlap.  Exceptions are only granted when there has been consultation within the school, and they should granted in a manner that maintains the academic integrity of a program. For this reason, exceptions require approval at the department and school level.

Exceptions are granted for individual students, and will not alter the program or the official catalog requirements when requested.  To change a program requirement, to include additional courses, or to change the selection of courses that may complete a requirement, academic departments may choose to request a curricular change.

Data Analysis

All exceptions are received and applied by the Registrar's Office after all approvals have been obtained. When patterns are found in exception requests, the Registrar's Office will contact the academic department and associate dean to determine if a change to the Degree Works template is required, or if a program adjustment or curricular change is needed.   For example, if a course is commonly substituted for another, we may advise the department to include the course as an option in the official catalog.

Exception Form

To ensure accuracy and provide for efficient processing of exceptions, please use the fillable PDF below, or type your request.