Archival CAPP Audits

CAPP Undergraduate Phase Out: October 1, 2014

Starting on October 1, CAPP will be officially retired as the primary tool for undergraduate student audits. In order to maintain a facility for troubleshooting and comparing CAPP data with Degree Works data, final CAPP audits will be run for all students beginning on October 1st.

While new audits cannot be generated, these most recent audits will remain available to faculty users via myRedDragon. Faculty and department personnel will be able to access these audits for troubleshooting purposes. Undergraduate CAPP catalog data is no longer maintained, and undergraduate substitutions or exceptions are no longer being applied to CAPP. For this reason, the data in CAPP is considered unofficial, will not report current data, and audits should not be used as a main advising audit.

Final Audit Generation

Faculty and staff will access final  audits using the standard CAPP access methods. However, because data is no longer maintained, you will be unable to generate a new CAPP audit when accessing an undergraduate student record.  

When accessing an archival CAPP, you will see the most recent audit (which will be dated  on or around October 1, 2014) at the top of records when selecting PREVIOUS EVALUATIONS.

Previous Evals

Most Recent Audit

The final audit will also be the audit that is available when you click on the student program link (the audit will be dated on or around October 1, 2014).

Curriculum Link

If you attempt to generate a new undergraduate audit, you will receive an error message with additional information:

Audit error