OP Committees

Sustainability Committee

Mission Statement: Headed by the Round Table for Outdoor Pursuits, the Sustainability Committee strives to uphold SUNY Cortland's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency through the implementation of green initiatives and fostering a culture of stewardship.   This committee helps us build a community of members committed to an environment in which we are passionate about giving back to the natural world. The goal of the Sustainability Committee is to build a foundation of sustainable practices easily carried out by its members, and making sure those practices are continual throughout time. 

Vision: We aim to assess the sustainable practices already within Outdoor Pursuits, identify new initiatives, and continue to improve upon those very practices. In creating this committee, we are putting in place a system in which members can give back to the community and environment we all love.

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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement: The Diversity and Inclusion committee is dedicated to offering the same opportunities and providing the necessary accommodations for all participants, creating an environment where participants see themselves and feel welcomed. We promote the use of positive and sensitive language and strive to build a community where all participants are allies.

We do not tolerate bullying of a person’s ability, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status or any other difference.

Vision: Our aim is to develop collaborative, long-lasting relationships with inclusion advocates on campus to identify new programs and initiatives. The committee will educate individuals on inclusion best practices and continue to improve upon those practices. 

Learn about our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

Marketing and Outreach Committee

Mission Statement:The Marketing and Outreach committee continually works to creatively spread the word of Outdoor Pursuits to engage as many students and community members as possible.

Vision: Our aim is to see the day where all of campus is aware about the tripping program and utilizes all of the opportunities Outdoor Pursuits provides. The committee hopes to unite the College and the community through Outdoor Education and recreation participation.