Matt Nuesell

Matt Nuesell is beginning his ninth year as the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports for Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs. For the two years prior to his appointment, Matt worked as the Graduate Assistant for Sport Clubs at SUNY Cortland while earning a Masters degree in Environmental and Outdoor Education. In 2006, Matt joined the Recreational Sports staff after working for three years as an athletic trainer and adjunct professor of athletic training at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. Matt earned his first Masters degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sport Psychology from Ithaca College in 2003 while completing a graduate assistantship in athletic training at Cornell University. He earned his BS in Athletic Training from SUNY Cortland in the spring of 2001. Additionally, Matt was an NATA certified athletic trainer for 12 years and holds an instructor's certification from the American Red Cross. Office: Student Life Center, Room 1201E

Phone: 607-753-5704