Interest Meetings

Last updated: 1/17/17 @ 10:36am

Spring 2017 Interest Meeting Times

If you are interested in joining a club, but cannot attend the scheduled interest meeting, please contact the person listed below for further information on how to become involved. Clubs are not required to schedule an interest meeting for the spring semester.

Sport ClubDateTimeLocationNotes/Contact
Baseball Matt DePalma
Basketball (W) Gabi Esposito
Cheerleading Sabrina Roberts
Cortland Dance Co 1/23 8:00pm Park Center, Poolside Jennifer Stace
Cortland Ice Girls Brittany Fialkowski
Danceworks 1/24 8:00pm Park Center, Room 1101 Jess Rakic
Equestrian 1/26 7:30pm Corey Union, Room 301-303 Sam Renieris
Field Hockey Rebecca Cornell
Golf 1/24 8:30pm Park Center, Room 1101 Josh Pinard
Gymnastics 1/30 6:30pm Park Center, Poolside James Zeidler
Ice Hockey (M) Kyle Lancto
Ice Hockey (W) Taite Phillips
Jiu Jitsu 1/30 7:30pm Park Center, Poolside Tyler Schmitt
Kickline 1/25 8:00pm Park Center, Poolside Ashley Mehale
Lacrosse (M) 2/2 6:00pm Student Life Center, Room 1104 Griffin Ryan
Lacrosse (W) 1/25 6:00pm Park Center, Poolside Bethanny Jolly
Mountain Biking Marisa Lobelson
Outdoor Adventure  Carly Markowitz
PyroDynasty Step Club 2/2 7:00pm Corey Union, Room 301-303 Tishara Jarvis
Quidditch 1/26 8:30pm Park Center, Poolside Amanda Crosby
Rock Climbing Deryk Artioli
Roller Hockey John Wagner
Rugby (M) 2/1 7:30pm Park Center, Poolside Michael Dotzler
Rugby (W) 2/1 7:00pm Park Center, Poolside Emily Cazer
Running/Triathlon 1/30 7:00pm Corey Union, Fireplace Lounge Justin Popp
Ski/Snowboard Emily Missavage
Soccer (M) Caleb Richards
Soccer (W) Gaby Grzegrzolka
Softball Marissa Thornton
Swim 1/26 8:00pm Park Center, Poolside Megan Torres
Tae Kwon Do Rachel Larsen
Tennis Ryan McKenna
Ultimate Frisbee (M) Joe Zambito
Ultimate Frisbee (W) 1/23 7:00pm Park Center, Poolside Beesanne Kurzum
Volleyball (M) Mark Jensen
Volleyball (W) 1/24 7:30pm Park Center, Room 1101 Kim Waldvogel
Wrestling 1/23 7:30pm Park Center, Wrestling Room Scott Dunham