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Functionally Fit


Colin Wilson, a 2013 graduate of SUNY Cortloand with a B.S. in Kinesiology/Fitness Development is an excellent Teacher/Coach with a strong desire to help people become more functionally fit. Each class will begin witha full body dynamic warm-up. Participants will learn various mobilization techniques to help improve their functionality in the gym, as well as in everyday life. Colin will teach participants mid-line stabilization techniques which will not only aid them while working out, but dramatically improve their quality of life by eliminating undue pain and postural issues. Each class will provide a differenct training stimusus to challenge the body, and get a complete cool-down to help the body recover. Get ready to feel better in your everyday life and achieve a new level of fitness.


Mr. Colin Wilson


  September 13 through November 22 (no class Friday, October 4)
  4:15-5:15 p.m.


Group Exercise Room, Tomik Fitness Facility Group Exercise Studio, Van Hoesen Hall, Room C-122




20-Class Card: $ 40.00


20-Class Card: $ 60.00


20-Class Card: $100.00