Choose a Mind Body Class today to help you manage stress, deeply relax, and find balance...

All classes offer a non-competitive atmosphere where the safety of each individual is respected. Modifications are given to allow students to adjust the experience based on their fitness level and needs that day. Individuals who join the program are invited to participate in as many of the Yoga and Meditation classes as they would like throughout the semester.


Students: $30.00 per semester

Faculty/Staff: $50.00 per semester

If your schedule is too busy for you to benefit from becoming a member of the Mind Body Program, we offer per class fees for all Yoga and Meditation classes (payable at the Check-in Desk in the Student Life Center)

Student Mind Body Class Pass    $5.00
Faculty/Staff Mind Body Class Pass $10.00

Mind Body Program Schedule of Classes - Spring 2015





12:00-1:00 pm 

Vinyasa "Flow" Yoga           Louise Mahar

12:00-1:00 pm

Vinyasa "Flow" Yoga
Louise Mahar

5:30-6:00 pm 

Silent Meditation                   Jeannine Gettis

4:30-5:00 pm

Silent Meditation
Jeannine Gettis   

6:00-7:00 pm

Yoga for Relaxation
Jeannine Gettis

6:30-7:30 p.m.

Power Yoga      Jeannine Gettis 

6:30-7:30 pm

Vinyasa Yoga
Marissa Loforte

5:00-6:00 pm

Yoga for Relaxation
Jeannine Gettis

7:00-7:30 pm

"Sleep" Yoga Meditation Jeannine Gettis

7:30-8:30 pm

Vinyasa Yoga     Marissa Loforte 

6:00-6:30 pm

"Sleep" Yoga Meditation Jeannine Gettis

Louise Mahar 

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga with Louise Mahar

Louise Mahar has been teaching Yoga since 2007. She was trained through Yogafit and is a registered Yoga Teacher Teacher with nearly 500 hours of practical teaching experience. She is currently working toward her RYT-500 at the Kripalu Yoga and Health Center in Strockbridge, MA. Louise teaches Vinyasa, a flowing style of Yoga. All classes are taught with options to perform at a beginner or more advanced level allowing individuals to choose based on their current level of fitness and Yoga experience. Each routine begins with a warm-up, progresses to a work phase and culminates with postures and stretches to help promote flexibility and balance, improve core strength, and reduce stress by relaxing the mind and body.

Relaxation,  Power Yoga & Meditation with Jeannine Gettis

Jeannine Gettis loves to help people reduce stress and develop a sense of balance and well-being in their lives. She discovered Yoga in her first semester of college, has been joyously exploring many Yogic traditions over the past 16 years, and has been teaching Hatha Vinyasa classes since 2001. She is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist who blends her love of Yoga and Massage as a Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. She has her first attunement in the Usui Reiki System, has trained in Educational Kinesiology for Mind-Body Integration and is an official Zumba instructor. Jeannine practices massage at 75 East Court Street and on the SUNY Cortland campus.

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga with Marissa Loforte

Marissa is a in her senior year at SUNY Cortland. She is studying Fitness Development and will be doing her Internship in Maryland this summer at Elevation Corporate Health. Marissa is working hard to complete her training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours of training (RYT-200). She is receiving her training through Yogafit and is only a few classes away from her goal. Marissa teaches Vinyasa "Flow" Yoga and has over a year of teaching experience.


Yoga for Relaxation: A gentle but deep class, suited for all levels of fitness. We will be focusing on breathing exercises and stress release techniques, as we thoroughly stretch the muscles to reduce physical pain and deeply relax the mind and body.

Power Yoga: This class offers a dynamically paced practice for students who want to explore increased intensity levels. Options will be given for more intermediate and advanced postures, such as; arm balances, handstands, and back-bends. Suited for those with some Yoga experience and free of serious injuries.

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga: Involves moving and breathing through a series of postures, increasing awareness and union between the mind, body and breath.

Silent Meditation: A structured quiet time where you can gently focus your mind and "unplug." There will be some instruction provided at the beginning of each class, followed by a silent time with minimal cueing and guidance, so that you may personally move deeply into a rejuvenating meditative state.

"Sleep" Meditation: known as Yoga Nidra, is an extension of the Savasana/deep relaxation pose at the end of a Yoga class. It is a guided meditation where you lay down and receive gentle cues to progressively relax your entire body as your mind is lulled into a calm, yet keenly aware state. You will feel as refreshed as if you've just gotten a great amount of sleep.