Participation Eligibility - SUNY Cortland

Participation Eligibility

 Participation Eligibility

    • Only current students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in Intramural competition. Spouses and dependents may not compete in intramural activities, but may use the recreation facilities during Open Recreation times.

    •  Alumni are not eligible for Intramural activities. They may purchase a Club Rec membership at a reduced rate and use the Student Life Center facilities during Open Recreation hours. 

    • An individual can play for only one team in a particular sport. If found to be participating on more than one team, the individual will be immediately suspended from playing that sport and each team will be required to pay a $30.00 forfeit fee to continue in the competition.

    • The following individuals are ineligible to participate in the same or related Intramural Sport, during the academic year in which they gained their ineligible player status:

      • Any member of a varsity or JV team who remains with the team beyond the team's first contest of the season.

      • Any member of a recognized sport club who competes extramurally as a representative of SUNY Cortland.

      • Related sports include but are not limited to: baseball/softball; volleyball/wallyball; outdoor/indoor soccer; flag/arena football; basketball/3-on-3 basketball/5-on-5 basketball; and ice/floor hockey. All contests that an ineligible player participates in will result in the immediate suspension of that player and the forfeiture of all games he/she participated in. In addition, that team will be required to pay a $30.00 forfeit fee to continue in the competition.

      • Professionals, as recognized by the NCAA/AAU or the governing body for that sport, are not eligible to compete. 

    • Intentional eligibility violations are very serious and violators may lose their privilege of participating in Intramural Sports.

    • Students are responsible for checking their own eligibility, and captains are equally responsible for the eligibility of all their players. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE - CHECK WITH THE RECREATIONAL SPORTS DEPARTMENT IF UNSURE.

    ID Requirement

    In order to insure fair competition and to prevent teams from "picking up someone in the bleachers" to play with them, each participant must present a current SUNY Cortland photo identification card to participate. To ensure fair, consistent enforcement, ID cards must be presented each time you participate.