Forfeit Policy - SUNY Cortland

Forfeit Policy

Forfeiting an Intramural contest is inconsiderate and a waste of time and money for everyone involved, therefore, the following forfeit policy will be in effect:

  1. All team sport activities which require scheduling/rescheduling will be charged $30.00 per forfeit. All individual or dual activities that are set up in a league format will be charged $5.00 per forfeit.
  2. The forfeiting team/individual must pay the fee to the Recreational Sports Office in the Student Life Center, Room 1201, no later than noon the day BEFORE the next scheduled competition. Failure to do so will result in elimination from further competition until the forfeit fee has been paid.
  3. If a team forfeits once and pays the forfeit fee, then that team is still eligible for playoffs.
  4. If a team forfeits twice, that team will be immediately dropped from all competition in that sport.
  5. Forfeit fees are nonrefundable.
  6. In addition to this, a $15.00 fee will be charged to any team that fails to attend the mandatory captains' meeting. This fee does not count as a regular forfeit, but must be paid before the team is scheduled.
  7. Teams/individuals who forfeit during playoff competition are automatically eliminated from further competition, regardless of whether or not it is the team's/individual's first forfeit. This is also the case for brackets where a double-elimination format is used.


Additionally, for all weekly scheduled leagues the following forfeit policy is also in effect:

For teams who do forfeit, there is a $30.00 forfeit fee that must be paid in the Recreational Sports Office by 12 p.m. the day before your next game, or you will be dropped from further competition until the forfeit fee has been paid. Teams paying forfeit fees after 12 p.m. on Thursdays will not be guaranteed a scheduled competition during the following week of play. If the first forfeit fee is paid, then your team will still be eligible for post-season competition. Any team that forfeits twice is immediately dropped from further competition.

Additionally, please note that game time is forfeit time. However, in an effort to reduce the number of forfeited competitions and to accommodate the busy schedules of our students, the Recreational Sports Department will be implementing the following policy for weekly scheduled league competitions: If the minimum number of participants are not present and ready to participate at the time of their scheduled competition, the game clock will be started and the late team will be given a 3-minute grace period to arrive. Of course, all team members must then check in with the scorekeeper and the captains' meeting must be held before play can begin. The game clock shall not stop during this process and extra time shall not be added to the game clock to make up for lost time.

If the minimum number of participants has still not arrived by the end of the 3-minute grace period, the contest shall be declared a forfeit and the aforementioned $30.00 forfeit fee must be paid before participation in the league can continue. The Recreational Sports Department respectfully asks that teams do not take advantage of this grace period and instead arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of competition.