Forfeit & Cancellation Policy

Forfeit/Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and forfeits are considered “events”. Any combination of 2 events shall result in the cancellation of all future scheduled games and immediate removal of a team from the league.

Rescheduling for this activity will not be allowed. If teams wish to cancel a scheduled game they must provide at least 24 hours business notice (i.e., by 5 p.m. on the weekday prior to the scheduled competition) to the intramural sports office in person or via email/voicemail. The cancellation will be counted as the team’s first event, no fine will be issued, and the team will remain eligible for continued participation in the league.

Participation in intramural sports leagues is free of charge. However, by registering for a league, team captains must understand that a fine will be assessed to his/her account following the forfeiture of an intramural sports contest without following the cancellation procedure described herein. The amount of the fine shall be equal to the wages paid to our intramural employees for the time of the forfeited game. Fines are mandatory and shall be enforced by way of putting the team captain’s records on hold until the fee is paid. Forfeit fines can be paid by cash or check only in the Recreational Sports office in Room 1201 of the Student Life Center. Upon payment, teams will be given the option of continuing to participate in the league or removing their team from further competition. Should the team elect the continue participating in the league, the team captain assumes the risk for an additional fine if his/her team forfeits again.

For teams who do wish to continue in the league, the forfeit fine must be paid by 1 p.m. on the day before the next scheduled game, or that game will be offered to other teams and your team will be dropped from further competition until the forfeit fine has been paid. Teams paying forfeit fines after 1 p.m. on Thursdays will not be guaranteed a scheduled competition during the following week of play. During playoffs, forfeit fines will not be assessed to teams who are scheduled for games outside of their indicated team availability. 

Lastly, teams who wish to request to not be scheduled on one or more specific days to avoid known conflicts must submit the request to Recreational Sports by Wednesday of the week before the date of the request. Please keep in mind that our weekly schedules run from Monday through the following Sunday. Recreational Sports will accommodate all requests received in a timely manner, but we respectfully ask that teams keep their availability up to date. Changes to team availability may be made in the Recreational Sports office during regular business hours.

Grace Period

Please note that game time is forfeit time. However, in an effort to reduce the number of forfeited competitions and to accommodate the busy schedules of our students, Recreational Sports will be implementing the following policy for weekly scheduled league competitions: If the minimum number of participants are not present and ready to participate at the time of their scheduled competition, the game clock will be started and the late team will be given a 3-minute grace period to arrive. Of course, all team members must then check in with the scorekeeper and the captains’ meeting must be held before play can begin. The game clock shall not stop during this process and extra time shall not be added to the game clock to make up for lost time.

If the minimum number of participants has still not arrived by the end of the 3-minute grace period, the contest shall be declared a forfeit and the aforementioned forfeit fine will be assessed to the team captain. Recreational Sports respectfully asks that teams do not take advantage of this grace period and instead arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of competition.

Protest Information

Protests may be filed over eligibility of a participant or misinterpretation of a rule. Protests concerning the judgment of an official(s) will not be heard. See individual intramural entry materials for detailed procedures.